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Who We Work With

It takes a community to run a farm.
Here at Carma Farms we want to be able to provide our customers with the highest quality products that we can.  That means we get to work with some pretty awesome people and we think they deserve a little recognition too!

rouge river.jpg

Rouge River Brewery

Not only do we get to enjoy the great beer these folks brew but our livestock get to feast on the spent grain from their brewery.  They opened their doors in 2017 and we have be working with them since the start.  If you haven't stopped by we encourage you to do so and try out their fine brews.  Our animals will thank you!!

50 Bullock Dr.  #8

Markham, ON

L3P 3P2

pie commision.jfif

The Pie Commission

Since 2013 owners Mike and Patrick have been creating amazingly delicious meat pies.  These are truly some of the best meat pies we have ever had.  Once you try them you will be hooked!

927 The Queensway

 Etobicoke, ON

M8Z 5Z7

The Food District 

100 City Centre Dr.

Mississauga, ON L5B 2C9

love gelato.jpg

Love Gelato

Established in 2013 this Gelato is the real deal!!!  Authentic Italian gelato made in small batches and always made with love.  You will fall head over heals with your first mouthful.

116 Main Street North, 

Markham, ON

L3P 1Y1


M-C Dairy

Originating in the Ukraine in 1905 and coming to Canada amid WWII unrest,   M-C dairy has been producing top quality dairy products for over 115 years!!  All products are made from 100% Canadian milk and are made naturally with live bacteria cultures and only natural ingredients with no chemicals added.\

106 North Queen St,

Etobicoke, ON

M8Z 2E2

future bakery.webp

Future Bakery

Future Bakery has its beginnings in Czarist Russia.  Their master baker baked in the Czarist court until 1915.  After leaving the court and marrying, the couple set up shop in the Ukraine.  With the outbreak of WWII they immigrated to Toronto and  continued baking bread.  The original bread recipes are still being used to this day and is still owned and operated by the original family.

106 North Queen St,

Etobicoke, ON

M8Z 2E2


Kozicki Produce

Like us Kozicki Produce are third generation farmers.  Working on over 400 acres Kozicki Produce supplies us with top quality produce that we don't produce on our own farm.  While we would love to grow it all we don't mind saying we don't.  All of our cantaloupe, romas and san marzano tomatoes, sheppard peppers and some specialty pumpkins are produced by the Kozicki family.

1151 Conc. 5 Townsend

 Waterford, ON

N0E 1Y0

pie place.jpg

The Pie Place

Family owned and operated these are some of the best fruit pies you will ever eat.  From apple pies to pina colada pies, there isn't a variety they don't make!  Alice and Al along with their grown children produce on average 1000 pies a week!!! 

Embro, ON

Our Partners: Vendors
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