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Meet the Creatures

Our Pigs

We specialize in raising pasture raised pork.  We only raise heritage breeds, focusing mainly on Tamworths.  Tamworths originated in the UK and they have a distinctive ginger to red coat.  Miss Molly and Miss Petunia are our two breeding sows, they weigh in around the 550lb mark.  Fozzy is our resident boar and he tops the scales at over 700lbs.  While they may look cute and docile these adult pigs have a lot of power behind them.


The Wee Hairy Coos

Meet Rocky and Apollo.  These two brothers are of the Galloway breed.  Hailing from Scotland, these boys have the thick, double layered curly coat that keeps them warm during our winters.  Apollo has the chocolate brown coat and Rocky is more blonde.



Meet Fern.  Fern is our only goat at the moment.  Her mamma was a Boer and her daddy was a Nigerian.  Fern never really knows what she is.  Somedays she wants to be a pig, somedays a dog and somedays a sheep.  All we really know is Fern likes to eat.  Although she may seem large enough to be pregnant she is actually just pleasantly plump!

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The Wooly's

Our 4 lady sheep are polled Dorsets.  Polled means they are born without horns.  Other than looking pretty these 4 girls make excellent lawnmowers.  Once a year these ladies will get their hair done to keep them healthy.


The Lady Birds

Our lady birds are a free ranging hen.  Although they have barns and nesting boxes to sleep and lay their eggs in, their favorite spot to roost at night is up in the trees.  The ladies are free to roam the farm and scratch up all the delicious bugs and insects which they love to eat.


The Quack Attack

Our ducks are a mix of Muscovy and Indian Runners with one Rouen drake in the fray.  They stampede the gate when they see kids coming as they know this means treat time.  The male Muscovy have thicker legs and bigger feet making it an easy way to tell them apart from the ladies.

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The Pot Bells

Henry and Ziggy are our newest residents.  These brothers came to us from a farm in Uxbridge.  Henry is sweet boy who likes belly rubs while Ziggy is a bit of a grump.

pot pigs.jpg
The Animals: What's On

Our Security

Meet our Security team.  This team is made up Lily and her pups Nova and Osa.  These girls are Great Pyrenees and they are Livestock Guardian Dogs.  That means they live outside with the herd 365 days a year.  Their job is to protect the herd against any threat, be it a hawk, coyote, weasel, racoon or anything else they perceive to threaten their herd. Although they aren't your typical couch dog these girls are happy doing their job.  They are born with the guarding instinct and are happiest when they have room to roam and a herd to guard.

The Animals: What's On
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